All Meals Include Rice, *Salad and Tempura  
1. Chicken Kabobs
(White Meat, Charbroiled)
  Chicken Kabob
Beef Kabob
Shrimp Kabob
2. Beef Kabobs
(Top Sirloin, Charbroiled)
  Chicken Egg Roll / 2pc
Gyoza / 4pc
B.B.Q. Beef / 2pc
3. Shrimp Kabobs
  Miso Soup / small
Miso Soup / Large
Shrimp Tempura / 2pc
4. Super Kabobs
  Green Salad
Steamed Rice
Ball Tempura
5. Chicken Bowl
(Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with Sauteed Chicken)
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6. Beef Bowl
(Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with Sauteed Beef)
7. Tempura
(Shrimp & Vegetables)
8. Beef B.B.Q. Short Ribs
(Korean Galbi, Charbroiled)
9. Teriyaki Chicken
(Thigh Meat, Charbroiled)
10. Fish Katsu
(Breaded Fish, Deep Fried)
11. Chicken Katsu
(Breaded Chicken, Deep Fried)

Teriyakiya Classic
(Stir Fried Vegetables with Sauteed Chicken,
*Salad Not Included)

13. Yaki Soba
(Same As #12 with Noodles Added.
*Salad Not Included)
14. Chicken Gyoza
15. Egg Roll Dinner    
16. Bulgogi
(Sauteed Beef)
17. Vegetable Tempura